Greg Rood

This hard rocking amigo is ME: Greg. I am the founder and creator of The 8 O’Clock Stop and 8 O’Clock Entertainment. I am also one of the hosts of the podcasts Hypothetically Speaking and Three Dicks’ Picks.

I have had such an amazing time making these podcasts and creating this platform for all these talented and passionate people to share their art, but my main focus since the age of six has been percussion.

I’ve played in jazz bands, funk bands, heavy-as-shit metal bands and soft-as-shit folk bands. Lately, I’ve been putting my energy into the Greg Rood Percussion YouTube channel. I’m also a huge fan of Clydesdales and sneezing out of my nose — NOT my mouth, thank you very much.

If you want to hire me for studio work, live gigs, or just want to jam, message me at

If you want to submit topic ideas for Hypothetically Speaking, shoot me a message at

If you want to sumbit a comment or topic idea for Three Dicks’ Picks, shoot me a message at

If you want to submit content and/or want to become a member of the 8 O’Clock community, send me a message at

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