Season 3 Episode 7 – Revelations in Masturbation

This one starts a little rough…..

But we mellow out with some of the music of the talented Adam!!
World premiere song from his upcoming album!!!

*CriticalMass supports the rights and protections of all people, unless they’re stupid. But we are proponents of the rights and equalities of men, women, and all races and sexual orientations. Rape is discussed in this episode. Now, we all know this is a tough subject. We are NOT professionals….at anything. Understand that the point of our show is to make you think from a different viewpoint. You may not always agree, but tough conversations must be had. And sometimes, bringing some humor can allow these conversations to happen. At the end of the day, no matter your opinion, ALL PEOPLE deserve to feel safe in any situation. If you are a victim of rape or ever have been, please seek out help. There are people that care about you and remember, you are NOT alone. This goes for men and women that are victims of rape. CriticalMass does not condone any man exerting any power over a woman or any person for that matter. Keep it in your pants!! Unless its been invited out, then take it out!! Our sponsors and guests do not necessarily share the viewpoints of our show. Thank you for being open minded…and enjoy the show*